Integration Platform powered by Apache Camel Karavan

On-premises, in your Private Cloud, and soon, as a Managed Service


#1 contributor to Apache Camel Karavan


Deep practical expertise with Apache Camel


Platform for Business Critical Integrations

Innovate enterprise integration with effective visual tools

Simplify everyday integration tasks

Discover the wide array of capabilities offered by the Talisman platform, enabling integration developers to enhance their effectiveness significantly

Topology View

The Topology view provides an overview of the project’s primary integration components, external connections, routes, rest services and connections between routes.


Visual Designer

Visual tools enhance developer efficiency streamlining the process of creating integration routes, specifying mediation rules, and configuring integration connectors.


YAML and Java

Declaratively defined integration logic in YAML is editable, and for intricate scenarios, Java code can be integrated along with the inclusion of external libraries.

Metrics and logging

Build-in configurable tracing using Open Telemetry and metrics utilizing Micrometer, including the configuration of custom metrics

Data Integration Use Cases

Explore the diverse range of scenarios where Talisman proves to be a highly effective solution

Event-driven Architecture

Enables seamless data flow, allowing systems to respond in real-time to events, enhancing scalability and flexibility

Layer 1
API Management

Manage APIs and provide a unified interface for different systems and applications

Extract, Transform, Load

ETL operations on data from different sources, such as databases, files, and web services


Connect and respond to IoT device data in real-time, enhancing automation and responsiveness in smart systems

Microservices Coordination

Efficiently synchronize and coordinate microservices in a distributed system through event-driven communication

Data Synchronization

Keep databases and systems synchronized by using events to trigger updates and maintain consistency across multiple sources

Polling Data

Retrieve poll data from the database for informed decision-making and actionable insights

Scheduled Tasks

Automate actions executed at predetermined intervals to automate repetitive processes, ensure timely execution of critical operations

Connect On-premise with Cloud

Seamlessly unite Cloud, SaaS and on-premise systems with hybrid data integration

Run anywhere

Uncover the capability to deploy and operate on various platforms provided by the Talisman



Design, code and run integrations on your laptop or PC with VS Code extensions


Docker | Podman

Lightweight installation based on Docker or Podman running on physical server or virtual machine


Kubernetes | Openshift

Scalable containerized deployment on Kubernetes, OpenShift in private or public cloud



Managed integration platform as a service aka iPaaS

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Apache Camel Karavan

Open-source low-code data integration platform

  • Low-code Integration
  • One-click build and deploy
  • 300+ connection components
  • Docker | Kubernetes
  • Community Support
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    Talisman Platform

    Production ready data integration platform for business critical integrations. Per-Developer Subscription Model. Unmetered CPUs, Connectors, ect

    • Apache Camel Karavan
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    • Observability and monitoring
    • Multi environments (dev, test, prod)
    • End-to-End testing
    • Openshift, Podman, Rancher, Tanzu
    • GCP, AWS, Azure
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      Integration platform that developers genuinely love

      Developers find our platform irresistibly captivating due to its seamless blend of simplicity, power, and cost-effectiveness.

      Apache Camel Karavan was the most interesting thing I took with me at ApacheCon

      Christofer Dutz
      Board Member at The Apache Software Foundation

      Our team is using the Karavan vscode extension and loving it. Great job!

      Dan Goulet
      Sr. Manager at NTT DATA Services

      About us


      Our mission is to develop the most advanced integration platform, powered by the cutting-edge Apache Camel Karavan. Seamless data integration solutions for enterprises, providing both low-code and pro-code capabilities, enabling efficient connectivity across various systems and applications.

      Built by the original creator

      Founded by the creator of Apache Camel Karavan, Talisman expands the benefits of Apache Camel Karavan with enterprise-grade features. We focus on delightful end-to-end developer experience. Comprehending the difficulties engineers encounter while integrating intricate systems, we are dedicated to streamlining the process and empowering them with our robust tools.

      Leading Contributor

      #1 leading contributor to the Apache Camel Karavan, we are firmly committed to contribute to the development and enhancement of Apache Camel and Apache Camel Karavan. By fostering collaboration and innovation, we aim to build a stronger integration ecosystem for everyone.